Stafford Township (Manahawkin)

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Stafford Township / Manahawkin NJ Area

39°42′19″N 74°15′49″W

Stafford NJ is located in the southern portion of Ocean County, NJ. Barnegat Township is to the north. Little Egg Harbor Township is to the northwest. Eagleswood Township is to the southeast.

Stafford NJ covers 54.8 square miles, 46.5 of which is land. The east side of Stafford, NJ is flanked by the expansive Backbay.

Stafford Township is known for Cedar Bridge Tavern, which is said to be the last recorded land skirmish of the American War of Independence which occurred on December 27, 1782.

Stafford Township / Manahawkin NJ History

A Portion of Shrewsbury Township was detached to form Stafford Township in 1750. The Township is named after Staffordshire, England.

The first settlers of the area created saw mills that turned the native cedar trees into lumber for boats and ships. Later, small villages and farms were existed along the waterfront. Charcoal and bog iron industries lasted into the 1830’s. However, the fishing and glass industries continued to prosper.

Stafford Township was part of Monmouth County until it was detached to be the first Municipality to join the newly formed Ocean County, NJ in 1850.

The Tuckerton Railroad first connected to Manahwkin in 1871. The Stafford Land Company developed a large portion of the older section of Manahwkin. In 1872 they had a land Auction for over 500 acres of parcels and brough in 1,500 folks in on the train to participate.

Several Cranberry Bogs were farmed in the area. One
Plantation was at the headwaters of Manahawkin Lake and owned by Nathanial Holmes Bishop III (1837-1902).

The Pennsylvania Railroad connected Long Beach Island through Manahwkin between 1886 and 1935.

Portions of Stafford Township were detached to form Union Township (now Barnegat township) in 1846, Eagleswood Township in 1874, Long Beach Borough (now Surf City) in 1894, and Long Beach Township, in 1899.

In 1914 the first automobile Bay Bridge connecting Long beach Island to the Mainland was built through Stafford, NJ.

Less than 100 resort homes were built-in Stafford until 1945 when the Beach Haven West lagoon development began to build what would amount to over 3,600 homes.

In the 1950’s the new Garden State Parkway and expansion of Route 72 brought some growth, such as the OCean Acres area with over 5,500 homes.

Stafford Township / Manahawkin Property Taxes

Property Tax Rates in many Ocean County municipalities are among the lowest in New Jersey. Find more about the General Tax Rate, Effective Tax Rate, and current Stafford Township / Manahawkin Property Tax rates Here.

Manahawkin Bay BridgeTown Hall at Stafford Township

260 E. Bay Avenue  Manahawkin, N.J. 08050
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