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Seaside Heights NJ Area

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Seaside Heights is located on the Island Beach in Ocean County, NJ. It is nestled between the Ortley Beach section of Toms River Township to its north and the Seaside Park to its south.

Seaside Heights is .746 square miles, .619 of which is land. The west side of Seaside Heights is flanked by the expansive Back Bay. The east side of Seaside Heights provides beachfront to the majestic Atlantic Ocean.

Seaside Heights is known for its nationally known mile long boardwalk. The Seaside Heights Boardwalk features the Casino and Funtown piers amusement parks. There boardwalk area is also known for its nightlife and many dance clubs and bars that is bustling with activity.

Seaside Heights NJ History

In the early 1909 a land development company offered Philadelphia Residents train trips to see the lots they had to offer. At the time 40 foot beachfront lots were offered for only $100 sold very well.

Portions of both Berkeley Township and Dover Township (now Toms River Township) were detached to form Seaside Heights, NJ in 1913. That same year Christian Hiering formed the Barnegat Power and Cold Storage Company, which introduced electricity to the area.

The first toll bridge was opened across Barnegat Bay, linking Seaside Heights with Toms River and the mainland in 1915 at a cost of $153,000.

After four years of construction the first three blocks of oceanfront boardwalk were completed in 1921. A fire destroyed much of the Boardwalk in 1955. The boardwalk was quickly rebuilt, led by J. Stanley Tunney, who owned skee-ball arcades, a ferris wheel, bath houses and concession stands as part of his company, Freeman Enterprises.  The boardwalk reopened in 1956. Today the famed Seaside Heights Boardwalk is 17 blocks and one mile long.

Seaside Heights Property Taxes

Property Tax Rates in many Ocean County municipalities are among the lowest in New Jersey. Find more about the General Tax Rate, Effective Tax Rate, and current Seaside Heights Property Tax rates Here.

Seaside Heights NJTown Hall at Seaside Heights Borough

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