Point Pleasant Borough

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Point Pleasant, NJ Area

40°5′30″N 74°2′42″W

Point Pleasant Borough is located on north-east part of Ocean County, NJ. Three main bridges connect Point Pleasant beach to the adjacent communities:

  1. Route 70 Bridge crossing the Manasquan River
  2. Route 88 Bridge crossing the Point Pleasant Canal
  3. Bridge Avenue Bridge crossing the Point Pleasant Canal

Point Pleasant NJ covers 4.2 square miles, 3.5 of which is land.

The north side is flanked by the south shore of the Manasquan River. The east side is flanked by the Point Pleasant Canal. Brick Township is the northwest. The north Branch of the Beaver Dam Creek is to the southwest.

Point Pleasant Borough NJ is an independent area that lies to the south-west of Point Pleasant Beach, NJ. Point Pleasant is primarily a bedroom and boating community that is a five-minute bike ride west of the beach.

Point Pleasant NJ is known for the 2 mile long Point Pleasant Canal, which divides the Borough in half. The Canal connects the waters of the Barnegat Bay to the Manasquan River. When the Canal was completed in 1925 it severed the eastern peninsula from the mainland making it an island, known as Island Beach.

Point Pleasant, NJ History

In the 1700’s the Brick Area was part of Monmouth County and Shrewsbury Township. Later the area became Howell Township. Portions of Howell and Dover Township (now Toms River Township) were detached to form Brick in 1850 when it became part of Ocean County, NJ.

Electricity reached the area in 1984 followed by telephone Service in 1895. The frist hard gravel road in Ocean County was built here and is now known as Route 88.

A Portion of Brick Township was detached to from Point Pleasant, NJ in 1920. The Point Pleasant Canal opened in 1925. The new canal introduced salt water into upper Barnegat Bay. The salt water destroyed the freshwater bass, perch and pike fishing, and the cranberry bogs locate in the area.

The Manasquan River began to flow south down the new canal instead of east out to the Manasquan Inlet. As a result,
the Manasquan Inlet began to shoal over. The severe shoaling actually closed the Manasquan inlet several time between 1928 and 1930. This drove the local Fishermen out of business. The inlet was realigned, dredged, and lined with jetties in 1930 at a cost of $600,000, and reopened in 1931.

Point Pleasant Property Taxes

Property Tax Rates in many Ocean County municipalities are among the lowest in New Jersey. Find more about the General Tax Rate, Effective Tax Rate, and current Point Pleasant Property Tax rates Here.

Point Pleaseant Beach Tiki BarTown Hall at Point Pleasant Borough

2233 Bridge Avenue, P.O. Box 25
Point Pleasant, N.J. 08742
Phone: (732) 892-3434 Fax: (732) 892-7351 Police: (732) 892-0060
Website: http://www.ptboro.com
Email: BoroClerk@PtBoro.com