Ocean Township (Waretown)

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Ocean Township / Waretown, NJ Area

40°14′52″N 74°1′48″W

Ocean Township, NJ is located at the mideastern part of Ocean County, NJ. Lacey Township and the Oyster Creek are to the north. Barnegat Township is to the west and south.

Ocean Township, NJ covers 32 square miles, 20.8 of which are land. The east side of Ocean Township, NJ is flanked by the expansive Backbay. Ocean Township NJ is directly across from the Barnegat Inlet, leading to the majestic Atlantic Ocean.

There is a unrealted area of Monmouth County NJ also known as Ocean Township. Waretown is and unincorporated portion of the Ocean Township in Ocean County NJ. Many often simply refer to the entire township as waretown to avoid confusion.

The area is known as the home of Albert Music Hall. The Hall began as a small jam session by of local musicians who gathered at Joe and George Albert’s small cabin each saturday night. The Pinelands Cultural Society continues this tradition each saturday in a 6,000 square foot air-conditioned hall, that seats 350.

Ocean Township / Waretown, NJ is also known for having access to both the Bayfront and the Pinelands. The 1,600 acre Wells Mills County Park boasts over 50 miles of nature trails, an Environmental Center and hosts th e”Pine Barrens Jamboree” festival each year.

Ocean Township / Waretown NJ History

In the early years the Waretown Area was known by several names, Waier Creek and Waier Mills in 1762; Wiretown in 1802; Waretown in 1809; Weartown in 1828, Wiretown Branch in 1839; Waretown Mill in 1866, and Waretown Post Office in 1872.

Abraham Waier (1683-1768) settled in the area around 1739 and subsequently built a small Mill on waretown creek. Other families of the area at the time were the Stokers, Birdsalls, Flakners and the Camburns. Abraham Waier was a prominent figure in the area until his death at the age of 85.

Fishing, Hunting and Forestry were the main industries at the time. A Salt Works existed between Barnegat Beach and Pebble Beach. Colonists extracted salt from the bay water by evaporation. At the time salt was used by the colonists to preservative perishable foods and to make gun powder.

Ocean Township / Waretown NJ Property Taxes

Property Tax Rates in many Ocean County municipalities are among the lowest in New Jersey. Find more about the General Tax Rate, Effective Tax Rate, and current Ocean Township / Waretown NJ Property Tax rates Here.

Ocean Township Waretown NJTown Hall at Ocean Township

50 Railroad Avenue, Waretown, N.J. 08758
Phone: (609) 693-3302 Fax: (609) 693-9026
Police: (609) 693-4007
Website: http://www.townshipofocean.org
E-mail Address: clerk@townshipofocean.org