Little Egg Harbor Township

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Little Egg Harbor NJ Area

39°45′07″N 74°06′38″W Little Egg Harbor NJ is located at the southern most part of Ocean County, NJ. Little Egg Harbor NJ covers 73.2 square miles, 49.1 of which is land. Eagleswood is to the north and Bass River Township is to the west. The east side of Little Egg Harbor Township is flanked Tuckerton in the middle and the expansive Backbay to the northeast and southeast. The southern portion of Little Egg Township contains Mystic Island (formerly known as Hickory Island) which is flanked by the north shore of the expansive Great Bay. Little Egg Harbor is known for its world-class backbay fishing. On such area, is Graveling Point, an area known to be visited by early season striped bass.

Little Egg Harbor NJ History

A Little Egg Harbor NJ is named after an area adjacent to the bay where Dutch Sailors found many gull eggs in the nearby nests. A portion of Northhampton Township (now Mount Holly Township) was detached to form Little Egg harbor Township in 1740. At the time the area was part of Burlington County. Subsequently portions of Little Egg Harbor Township were detached to form Washington Township in 1802, and Bass River Township in 1864. Ocean County was newly formed in 1850. Little Egg Harbor Township was detached from Burlington County to become part of Ocean County in 1891. Subsequently, a portion of  the Township was detached to form Long Beach Township in 1899, and Tuckerton in 1901. What remained was the Little Egg Harbor Area that we know today. From 1912 to 1948, mega radio towers as high as 825 were installed and in operation along the eastern coast. The last mega tower stood 680 feet and was dismantled in 1955. The area was mostly rural until waterfront residential development began in the 1950’s.

Little Egg Harbor Property Taxes

Property Tax Rates in many Ocean County municipalities are among the lowest in New Jersey. Find more about the General Tax Rate, Effective Tax Rate, and current Little Egg Harbor Property Tax rates Here.

Little Egg HarborTown Hall at Little Egg Harbor Township

Little Egg Harbor Township, NJ Municipal Office 665 Radio Road Little Egg Harbor, N.J. 08087 Phone: (609) 296-7241 Fax: (609) 296-5352 Police: (609) 296-3666 Emergency: 911 Web-site: E-Mail: