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Lavallette NJ Area

39°58′7″N 74°4′18″W (39.968481, -74.071647)

Lavallette, NJ is located in Island Beach, in Ocean County, NJ.
The Dover Beaches South portion of Toms River Township is to the south. Mantoloking Borough is to the North.

Lavallette covers .9 square miles, .8 of which is land. The west side of Lavalette is flanked by the expansive Backbay. While the east side provides beachfront to the majestic Atlantic Ocean.

Lavallette is known for its Ocean Front Boardwalk and Pavillion. Lavallette also features the Centennial Gardens and Gazebo at the municipal park along the backbay. Band concerts, Fireworks, Movies and other events are held at the park.

Lavallette NJ History

A Portion of Dover Township (now Toms River Township) was detached to form Lavallette in 1877.

Lavallette is named after U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Ellie A.F. La Vallette. His father, Albert, co-founded Lavallette.

Barnegat Land Improvement Company purchased a parcel of land from Michael W. Ortley. 1878 Records show that the was filed as “Lavallette City by the Sea” .

In 1881 the railroad crossed the bay at South Seaside Park and traveled north through Lavallette. This slowly brought more visitors. The Lavalette Yacht Club was built-in 1887. At the northwest corner of Reese and Grand Central avenue the first store was built-in 1905. This store eventually spured a small business district. By 1911 a gravel road had been constructed from North in Bay Head to south in Seaside Park .

During the early 1900’s commercial fishing was the main industry. Chadwick Fisheries erected three main net systems called “Fish Pounds” to trap fish swimming along the shallow ocean waters. The catch of the day was hauled up by a 33 foot long wooden boat known as a “pound boat”. The fish were brought to the shore, unloaded into barrels and shipped via rail to New York and Philadelphia. In 1912 Charles Hankins established a boat building business and sold 15 to 20 pound boats a year for quite some time.

During the 1920’s, electricity, running water, gas, and a public sewage system were installed. By 1930 the population increased to almost 300 residents. Between 1940 and 1960 the residents increased to over 800. Subsequently West Point Island and Westmont Shores (North Lavallette) was annexed to Lavallette more than doubling the population.

Lavallette Property Taxes

Property Tax Rates in many Ocean County municipalities are among the lowest in New Jersey. Find more about the General Tax Rate, Effective Tax Rate, and current Lavallette Property Tax rates Here.

Welcome to Lavallette!Town Hall at Lavallette Borough

1306 Grand Central Ave.,
Lavallette, N.J. 08735
Phone: (732) 793-7477 Fax: (732) 830-8248
Police: (732) 793-4800