Lakehurst Borough

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Lakehurst, NJ Area

40°0′47″N 74°19′13″W (40.013066, -74.320390)

This Borough is located in the northern section of Ocean County, NJ and is surrounded by Manchester Township on all sides.

The Borough covers 1 square miles, .9 of which is land. Lakehurst is known as the home of the Lakehurst Naval Air Station . The Borough also features the Lakehurst Historical Society Museum which houses local artifacts such as railroad related items and Hindenburg items.

Lakehurst NJ History

The Lakehurst Volunteer Fire Company was formed as the Manchester Volunteer Fire Company in April 1911. A portion of Manchester Township was detached to form Lakehurst in 1921. In fact, the existing Lakehurst Municipal building was once the Municipal Building for Manchester.

The railroad made the borough a very active place. The Pine Tree Inn opened in 1898 turning the borough into a popular winter resort around 1900.

A Russian Embassy was once located in the borough making it the First International Airport in the U.S. In 1921 the Navy purchased the property and formed the Lake Hurst Naval air Station. Blimps were launched from the station to patrol the Atlantic Ocean in search of enemy submarines. Since the 1950’s the station has specialized in developing and testing catapults and arresting systems for use on air craft carriers.

Lakehurst Property Taxes

Property Tax Rates in many Ocean County municipalities are among the lowest in New Jersey. Find more about the General Tax Rate, Effective Tax Rate, and current Lakehurst Property Tax rates Here.
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The Borough Town Hall

5 Union Avenue, Lakehurst, N.J. 08733
Phone: (732) 657-4141 Fax: (732) 657-8272
Police: (732) 657-7812 TDD: 1-800-852-7897