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Barnegat Light NJ Area

39°45′07″N 74°06′38″W
Barnegat Light Borough is located on southern end of Long Beach Island (LBI) in Ocean County, NJ. The High Bar Harbor and Loveladies sections of Long Beach Township are situated south of Barnegat Light.

Barnegat Light Borough NJ covers .9 square miles, .7 of which is land. The west side of Barnegat light is flanked by the expansive Backbay. The north side fronts the Barngat Inlet, while the east side provides beachfront to the majestic Atlantic Ocean.

Barnegat Light NJ is known for being home to the historic 172 foot tall Barnegat Lighthouse, often called “O’l Barney”. The lighthouse was a navigational aid from 1859 to 1927. It was used as a lookout tower during the WWII. The Lighthouse was relit in 2009 as an official navigational aid.

The area is also known for the Viking Village where you may take a stroll by the docks, check out the fresh catch of the day, or enjoy a fresh seafood lunch. The fishing fleet is and active group of scallopers, netfish boats and longliners. The state of the art facility offloads, packs and ships fresh fish across the U.S. and beyond.

Barnegat Light NJ History

In 1855 John M. Brown owned most of the land that forms present day Barnegat Light, NJ. The Land was sold at auction in 1869. By 1876 the area boasted a general store and post office.

Benjamin Franklin Archer founded Barnegat City Improvement Company in 1881. Barnegat City became part of Long Beach Township in 1899.

In 1904 Barnegat City became an independent borough. The Barnegat Lighthouse was decommissioned 1944. To honor the Lighthouse Barnegat City was renamed Barnegat Light in 1948.

Barnegat Light Property Taxes

Property Tax Rates in many Ocean County municipalities are among the lowest in New Jersey. Find more about the General Tax Rate, Effective Tax Rate, and current Barnegat Light Property Tax rates Here.

Barnegat Light Municipal Office

Town Hall at Barnegat Light Borough

10 East 7th Street, P.O. Box 576
Barnegat Light, N.J. 08006
(609) 494-9196 Fax: (609) 494-4827
Police: (609) 494-3322, Emergency 9 -1 -1
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