Seaside Park Boardwalk

(Strolling Boardwalk)

The Seaside Park Boardwalk is  the southern most strolling boardwalk located in Ocean County, NJ. It is starts where the funtown pier ends. Sometimes it’s merely called Funtown Pier, and is located at the southern end of the famous Seaside Heigths Boardwalk.

Seaside Park Boardwalk

Seaside Park Boardwalk

This wide boardwalk is  almost two-miles long . The Boardwalk has plenty of Parking,  covered Pavillions, benches, and water fountains to refresh you. This oceanfront boardwalk features tall grassy sand dunes lining the entire oceanfront, which is mostly residential.

The northern terminus of the Seaside Park Strolling Boardwalk is and extension of the Seaside Park Funtown Pier at Stockton Avenue. The southern terminus of the Seaside Park Strolling  Boardwalk is 14th Avenue bordered by the South Seaside Park Section of Berkeley Township.


The Seaside Park Boardwalk features many covered Pavilions with built-in benches located along the Atlantic Ocean. The pavilions allow you to  take a load off, enjoy the oceanfront breeze and get protection from the direct sun.


The Main attraction of the Seaside Park Boardwalk it that it is adjacent to the magnificent Ocean Bathing Beaches. Before you go, check with the Town Hall for the current operating times, rules and regulations.


Boardwalks invented in New Jersey in the  late 1800’s. The original boardwalks were wooden planks laid on the  sand to form a boarded walkways. These boarded walkways were designed to reduce the amount of sand that pedestrians would track into hotel lobbies and railroad parlor Cars.  The walkways were removed at the end of each bathing season.

Later in the  1800’s permanent Boardwalks started to pop up throughout Ocean County, NJ. Point Pleasant Beach was the  first boardwalk built on pilings in Ocean County, NJ in the 1890s. Seaside Park, Bay Head, Lavallette and Beach Haven also constructed permanent boardwalks. As Boardwalks became permanent structures they were maintained all year-long.

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