Point Pleasant Boardwalk

(Commercial Boardwalk)

What is known as the Point Pleasant Boardwalk is actually located in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ. The Point Pleasant Boardwalk is the northern most commercial boardwalk located in Ocean County, NJ. It is sometimes called Jenkinson’s Boardwalk after the Jenkinson’s Amusements/Jenkinson’s Boardwalk area.

Point Pleasant Boardwalk

Point Pleasant Boardwalk

The wide wooden promenade extends approximately one mile and offers unparalleled views of the majestic Atlantic Ocean and all the beachfront activity.

The northern terminus of the Point Pleasant Boardwalk is at the Manasquan Inlet near Inlet Avenue. The north end provides a front row seat to watch the fishing fleet and Pleasure boats going to and from the ocean. The southern terminus of the Point Pleasant Boardwalk is at  New Jersey Avenue, toward Bay Head Borough.


The Point Pleasant Boardwalk is lined with amusements, rides, games of chance, arcades, miniature golf courses, restaurants, night clubs, snack bars, boutique shops, gourmet candy shops, an aquarium,  water park, antiques and more.

The Jenkinson’s Amusements/Jenkinson’s Boardwalk area is usually brimming with  games, carnival food, fun houses, souvenir shops, and Jenkinson’s famous Aquarium.


Martell’s Tiki Bar and Jenkinson’s Nightclub are the main attractions for the party people on the North end of Point Pleasant Boardwalk.


Boardwalks invented in New Jersey in the  late 1800’s. The original boardwalks were wooden planks laid on the  sand to form a boarded walkways. These boarded walkways were designed to reduce the amount of sand that pedestrians would track into hotel lobbies and railroad parlor Cars. The walkways were removed at the end of each bathing season.

Later in the  1800’s permanent Boardwalks started to pop up throughout Ocean County, NJ. Point Pleasant Beach was the  first boardwalk built on pilings in Ocean County, NJ in the 1890s. Seaside Park, Bay Head, Lavallette and Beach Haven also constructed permanent boardwalks. As Boardwalks became permanent structures they were maintained all year-long.

In the 1870’s Atlantic City, NJ was  the first boardwalk to feature amusements.  Later amusement and fishing piers were added. Early on , Point Pleasant Beach and Seaside Heights began to commercialize their boardwalks.

Image Credit(s): Jenkinsons Boardwalk