Ocean Gate Boardwalk

(Riverfront Boardwalk)

The Ocean Gate Boardwalk is a 1 mile long strolling Boardwalk nestled along the southern banks of the Toms River. The Ocean Gate Boardwalk is known for its extensive white sandy beaches and cool breezes coming off the Barnegat bay.

The west end of the Ocean Gate Boardwalk is also known as West Riviera avenue and is located on the shoreline between Ocean Gate Drive and Ocean Gate Avenue where the Ocean Gate yacht Club stands. The Ocean Gate Boardwalk continues 9 blocks east of the Yacht Club where it is known as East Riviera Avenue. The Eastern end of the Ocean Gate Boardwalk is located adjacent to where East Chelsea Avenue meets Narragansette Avenue.

Pavilions and Piers
Ocean Gate Boardwalk

Ocean Gate Boardwalk

The Ocean Gate Boardwalk and Footpath features 2 Piers and 6 Pavilions along Riverside Drive. The 2 large Piers at Wildwood Avenue and Anglesea Avenue have a large pavilion. There are also 2 small pavilions located near Stone Harbor Avenue, and 2 more small pavilions located at Newport Avenue and Narragansette Avenue. The Wildwood Avenue Pier also has a Comfort Station and Snack Bar.

Ocean Gate Railroad attracts Tourists

In 1881 the PRR constructed a 2 mile Bridge from Berkeley Township easterly over the Barnegat Bay to Seaside Park. The west end of the bridge was located in the Bayville Section of Berkeley Township adjacent to where East Bayview Avenue and Whitecap Way meet today.

At that location , a Train Station known as “BN” was built on a pier above the bay. The pier was appropriately named “Barnegat Pier”. For many travellers from the west, the Barnegat Pier served as a tourist attraction and helped super growth along Ocean Gate. The Barnegat Pier features swimming, swimming, sailing, and sun bathing.

Encouraged by the increased tourism, the Borough made plans to construct an 8 foot wide boardwalk around 1920. The new boardwalk featured almost 60 kerosene lampposts for which a lamplighter was paid a monthly fee to maintain.

A devastating fire on the Bay trestle brought Rail service to an end in 1946. The Railroad Tracks were tracks were removed in 1949. It was the Railroad that first made the Ocean Gate Boardwalk a hub of activity. However, the Ocean Gate Boardwalk and Footpath continues to be enjoyed by residents and tourists alike.

About the Toms River

The Toms River is a 41.7-mile-long freshwater river and estuary in Ocean County, NJ. The Toms River rises in the northern Ocean County Pine Barrens and flows southeast and east, fed by several branches, before it empties into the Barnegat Bay.

The lower 5 miles of the river is a broad tidal estuary bustling with sailing, boating, water skiing, ice sailing, crabbing, fishing , marinas, yacht clubs, and even boasts a golf course. Several Riverfront Towns have a front row seat to all that the Toms River has to offer.

Image Credit(s): Db-City.com