walk-through before closingThe final walk-through is usually scheduled within 24 to 48 hours of the closing/settlement. The final walk through gives you one last opportunity to make sure that the home you are purchasing is in the condition that you and the seller mutually agreed to in the sales contract. It is generally understood that sellers will leave homes “broom clean” when moving out. This expression does not mean “vacuumed” or “spotless.” Broom clean makes sense because it means the house is ready to be painted and cleaned.

If  the walk-through uncovers a major deficiency, your Exclusive Buy Side Realtor Associate® will inform the seller’s representative. If the seller accepts responsibility, money for the repairs can be allocated to you at the closing/settlement. If the seller does not agree to the repairs, your Exclusive Buy Side Realtor Associate® will act as the go-between to help you and the seller reach a satisfactory compromise so that the closing is not delayed.