Once you have established pre-defined Property Needs and Pre-Financing you will have a clear understanding of your property interests and financial capabilities.  This understanding will expedite the property search and make it much more enjoyable.

Geography is often the best way to approach the selection process. There is a great chance that the reason you are visiting is because you are interested in the Ocean County and that’s a good start. Now use a top down approach to work your way from County to Area, then from Area to Municipality to determine the location that best suits your needs.

Ocean County covers a total of 916 square miles making it the largest county in New Jersey. Furthermore, Ocean County has 33 municipalities. As such, Selecting a specific area of Ocean County and then further refining that to a Municipality can be daunting. To sort help you sort this out we have grouped the geographic characteristics of these municipalities can be grouped into the following areas:

Selection Process1.) [Pinelands Area] predominantly located within the western part of the county
2.) [Metedeconk River Area] the major watershed within the northern part of the County
3.) [Island Beach Area] the 20 mile long northern barrier island
4.) [Toms River Area] the major watershed within the central part of the County
5.) [Long Beach Island] the 18 mile long southern barrier island
6.) [Mainland Bayfront Area] over 40 miles of mainland bayfront

Once you narrow your search to properties you want to visit contact your Exclusive Buy Side Realtor Associate® to schedule a viewing.