Buyers Realtor

As a Buyer, you don’t pay any fees directly to the Real Estate Agents, that’s the obligation of the Seller. It ‘s most likely that your property will  be your most significant asset. As such, when selecting a Real Estate Agent insist that they meet the following  standards:

buyers realtorA Buyers Realtor shall be a Full time Real Estate Professional
A Buyers Realtor shall be certified as a Realtor® or Realtor-Associate®
A Buyers Realtor shall be an Exclusive Buy Side Realtor-Associate®
A Buyers Realtor shall not be a Family Member or Close Friend

Why should they be a Full Time Real Estate Agent?
Finding the right property for you deserves a level of attention and commitment that a part-time agent cannot provide.

Why should they be a certified  Realtor or Realtor-Associate?
Simply put, Ethics and Education makes Realtors® and Realtor-Associate®, stand out from other Real Estate Professionals. Realtors ® and Realtor-Associate® are bound to a strict written code of ethics. They also must take coursework and demonstrated specific skills, performance and knowledge in a particular area of the real estate industry, before being called a Realtor® or Realtor-Associate® .

Why should they be an Exclusive Buy Side Realtor or Realtor-Associate?
An Exclusive Buy Side Realtor-Associate® is an expert in the buy-side of real estate transactions. Just as you would see a cardiologist for your heart instead of a plumber, you should  see  an Exclusive Buy Side Realtor-Associate® to help you purchase the highest quality property at the most competitive terms and conditions.

Why shouldn’t they be a Family Member or Close Friend?
Having a friend or family member as your real estate agent is often more stressful because you don’t want to hurt their feelings. If things turn sour you will have to choose between a potential financial loss and a social one, it’s a lot easier to fire your Real Estate Agent than your friend or family member.

Now that I know all of this what’s next?
It’s comforting to know that your buying agent will guide and represent you throughout the entire buying process. Consider selecting Nino Zangari as you exclusive Buy-Side Realtor-Associate®.