Is every Real Estate Professional a Realtor ?

All real estate professionals are not Realtors. Only a member of the distinguished National Association of Realtors, otherwise known as “NAR”, can be called a Realtor or Realtor-Associate.

Simply put, Ethics and Education make Realtors and Realtor-Associates stand out.

Realtors and Realtor-Associates agree to conduct their business in strict compliance with the NAR’s extensive Code of Ethics  based on Loyalty, legal duty, truthfulness, and cooperation. These standards of conduct are much more restrictive and confining compared to governing agents who simply hold a real estate license and are not Realtors.

What does the Code of Ethics obligate my Realtor to do?Realtor Code of ethics

1.)Be honest with all parties in the transaction.
2.)Put your interests ahead of his own at all times.
3.)Disclose all pertinent facts about the property and transaction.
4.)Be truthful in all public advertising and promotions.

NAR members must take coursework and demonstrated specific skills, performance and knowledge in a particular area of the real estate industry, before being called a Realtor or Realtor-Associate .

Bottom Line
Real estate transactions involve one of the most important financial investments you will make in your lifetime. By choosing a Realtor or Realtor-Associate, you are selecting a professional who voluntarily holds themselves to a higher ethical standard.

How can I tell  if my Real Estate Professional is a Realtor?
The terms “Realtor®” and “Realtor-Associate®” are registered collective membership marks that identifies a real estate professional who is a member of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®. Simply look for the ® mark.