Toms River Area

Toms River Area

The Toms River NJ is a 41 mile long fresh water river and estuary that rises from the aquifers of the Pinelands and  flows east to eventually emptying into the Barnegat Bay.  Until the early 18th century Toms River NJ was known as Goose Creek. It is widely believed that the Toms River was named after captain William Toms, ferryman Thomas Luker, or a Native American named Tom.

Legend  that  Captain Kidd sailed up the Toms River to a small island on the north shore of Toms River in  1697 and buried some “treasure.” Over 21 miles of the river can be paddled from Don Conner Boulevard downstream to the Barnegat Bay. The eastern most 5 miles of the Toms River is most navigable and houses many Yacht Clubs.

The Toms River is well-known for its well established sailing, dockside crabbing, waterfront beaches, south shore boardwalks, and river cruises. The southeastern mouth of the river is preserved in its natural state as Forsythe National Refuge, a wonderful stretch of undeveloped coastline. The Toms River has several charming  boardwalks, highlighted by the Island Heights Boardwalk on the North Shore and the Ocean Gate boardwalk on the South shore.

The Toms River NJ provides access to numerous activities such as:
  • Swimming, wind surfing, stand up paddleboarding
  • Boating, Sailing, Canoeing, Kayaking, Jet Skiing, Ice sailing
  • Fish on your own or from a Charter  or Party Boat
  • Attending one of the many Festivals such as Ice Cream Festival
  • Visiting numerous State, County and Municipal Park facilities
  • Visiting the  Historic Museum,  or state of the art public library
There are 2 primary areas on the North Shore of the Toms River NJ:
  1. Southern portion of [Toms River Township]
  2. Southern portion of [Island Heights Borough]
There are 5 primary areas on the South Shore of the Toms River NJ:
  1. Northern portion of [Toms River South Borough]
  2. Northern portion of [Beachwood Borough]
  3. Northern portion of [Pine Beach Borough]
  4. Riverbank portion of [Berkeley Township]
  5. Northern portion of [Ocean Gate Borough]

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