Pinelands Area

The Pinelands National Reserve (Pinelands NJ) was designated as the first national reserve by Congress. This area covers 1.1 million acres and represents 22% of New Jersey’s land . As such, it is one of the largest open spaces on the mid-atlantic seaboard. Development in the Pinelands National Reserve is strictly controlled by  the NJ Pinelands Commission.

Pine lands Area

The Pinelands NJ contains a diverse variety of landscapes such as, Pine/Oak Upland Forest, Pygmy Pine Plains, Atlantic White Cedar Swamps, Deciduous Hardwood Swamps, Savannas, and aquatic habitats. Beneath the Pinelands lies the massive  Kirkwood-Cohansey Aquifier that contain over 17 trillion gallons of some of the purest water in america. The Pinelands refers to the Pinelands protection area. The Pine Barrens is a sandy region contained within the Pinelands populated by pine, oaks and cedar trees.

During colonial times Bog Iron was mined from  bodies of  water, and worked in furnaces at Ferrago, Lake Atison, Batsto, Hanover and other places. The area was once dotted with sawmills,  gristmills,paper mills, charcoal-making and glassmaking.  Some Remnants and ruins of these industries can still be explored . Batsto Village holds tours of a wonderfully restored  mid-19th village that details many of these cottage industries.

Today The Pinelands NJ provides access to numerous activities such as:
  • Swimming, Canoeing, Kayaking in the various bodies of water
  • Walking, Hiking, Biking, on extensive network of trails
  • Exploring Old Towns, abandon Ruins or historic sites of old
  • Attending one of the many Festivals and Jamborees
  • Viewing the Mammals, Birds, Amphibians, Reptiles and Fish
  • Viewing the diverse plants and flowers such as the pygmy pines, wild orchids and water lilies
  • Visiting numerous State Parks such as Wharton, Bass River, Brendan T. Byrne, and Double Trouble
  • Visiting various County and Municipal Park facilities
  • Visiting Cranberry bogs and Blueberry farms

Pinelands NJ Area

Portions of 10 Ocean County Townships are located within the Pinelands NJ:
  1. southern portion of [Jackson Township]
  2. southern portion of [Plumstead Township]
  3. western portion of [Manchester Township]
  4. southwestern portion of [Berkeley Township]
  5. southern portion of [Lacey Township]
  6. western portion of [Ocean Township]
  7. western portion of [Barnegat Township]
  8. western portion of [Stafford Township]
  9. northwestern portion of [Eagleswood Township]
  10. northern portion of [Little Egg Harbor Township]

Image Credit(s): NJ Pinelands Commission