Long Beach Island Area

Long Beach Island Area

Long Beach Island NJ (colloquially known as LBI) area is approximately 18 miles long and varies between a width of .2 and .5 miles wide and settles some four to six miles from the mainland. There is one vehicular bay bridge that connects the widest point of LBI at Ship Bottom Borough to the mainland. The narrowest point of LBI is located in Harvey Cedars Borough. Long Beach Island is one of two barrier Islands in Ocean County, the other being Island Beach to the north.

LBI is well-known for its white, sandy beaches and the warm Atlantic Ocean, majestic parks located at the northern and southern parts of Long Beach Island, NJ.

Long Beach Island NJ provides access to numerous activities such as:
  • Swimming, wind surfing, surfing, body boarding
  • Boating, Sailing, parasailing, Kayaking, Jet Skiing
  • Fish on your own or from a Charter or Party Boat
  • Exploring historic viking village or the historic museum
  • Attending one of the many Festivals such as Chowderfest
  • Viewing the Dolphins, whales, pelicans and other marine life
  • Visiting numerous State, County and Municipal Park facilities
  • Visiting the historic Barnegat Lighthouse or Forsythe National Refuge
  • Visiting the Theatre, Water Park, amusement Park, miniature Golf, or Arcades.
There are 7 primary Long Beach Island NJ areas North of the bay bridge :
  1. Barnegat Lighthouse State Park
  2. [Barnegat Light Borough]
  3. High Bar Harbor portion of [Long Beach Township] west of Barnegat Light
  4. Loveladies portion of [Long Beach Township]
  5. [Harvey Cedars Borough]
  6. North Beach portion of [Long Beach Township]
  7. [Surf City Borough]
The east end of the bay bridge enters Long Beach Island NJ at [Ship Bottom]
There are 17 primary Long Beach Island NJ areas South of the bay bridge:
  1. Brant Beach portion of [Long Beach Township] from 31st to 74th Street
  2. Beach Haven Crest portion of [Long Beach Township] from 75th to 83rd Street
  3. Brighton Beach portion of  [Long Beach Township] from 84th Street to 89th Street
  4. Peahala Park portion of [Long Beach Township] from 90th Street to 97th Street
  5. Beach Haven Park portion of [Long Beach Township] from 98th Street to 107th St.
  6. Haven Beach portion of [Long Beach Township] from 108th Street to 119th Street
  7. Dunes portion of [Long Beach Township] from 120th to 128th street
  8. Beach Haven Terrace portion of [Long Beach Township] from 129th to 133rd Street
  9. Haven Beach Gardens portion of [Long Beach Township] from 34th to 28th Street
  10. Spray Beach portion of [Long Beach Township] from 27th to 21st Street
  11. North Beach Haven portion of [Long Beach Township] from 20th to 13th Street
  12. [Beach Haven Borough]
  13. Beach Haven Manor
  14. Holgat portion of [Long Beach Township]
  15. South Beach Haven portion of [Long Beach Township]
  16. Beach Haven Heights
  17. the Beach Haven Inlet portion of [Long Beach Township] at Forsythe Reserve

Long Beach Island NJ

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